Commit 798b5806 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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fix assert found by DreadWingKnight: now that rendezvous streams

are attached to p_streams, the p_streams list can consist of both AP
and EXIT conns.

parent bf76d3a1
......@@ -1013,9 +1013,11 @@ assert_circuit_ok(const circuit_t *c)
tor_assert(c == circuit_get_by_circid_orconn(or_circ->p_circ_id,
#if 0 /* false now that rendezvous exits are attached to p_streams */
if (origin_circ)
for (conn = origin_circ->p_streams; conn; conn = conn->next_stream)
tor_assert(conn->_base.type == CONN_TYPE_AP);
if (or_circ)
for (conn = or_circ->n_streams; conn; conn = conn->next_stream)
tor_assert(conn->_base.type == CONN_TYPE_EXIT);
......@@ -1198,7 +1198,8 @@ typedef struct circuit_t {
typedef struct origin_circuit_t {
circuit_t _base;
/** Linked list of AP streams associated with this circuit. */
/** Linked list of AP streams (or EXIT streams if hidden service)
* associated with this circuit. */
edge_connection_t *p_streams;
/** Build state for this circuit. It includes the intended path
* length, the chosen exit router, rendezvous information, etc.
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