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Merge remote-tracking branch 'ahf-oniongit/bugs/25026'

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o Documentation:
- HiddenServiceVersion only accepts one version to be specified. This
version can either be version 2 or 3. Closes ticket 25026; bugfix on
......@@ -2670,7 +2670,7 @@ The following options are used to configure a hidden service.
you're using a Tor controller that handles hidserv publishing for you.
(Default: 1)
[[HiddenServiceVersion]] **HiddenServiceVersion** __version__,__version__,__...__::
[[HiddenServiceVersion]] **HiddenServiceVersion** **2**|**3**::
A list of rendezvous service descriptor versions to publish for the hidden
service. Currently, versions 2 and 3 are supported. (Default: 2)
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