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Bug 20261: Treat AF_UNIX addresses as equal when comparing them.

This is a kludge to deal with the fact that `tor_addr_t` doesn't contain
`sun_path`.  This currently ONLY happens when circuit isolation is being
checked, for an isolation mode that is force disabled anyway, so the
kludge is "ugly but adequate", but realistically, making `tor_addr_t`
and the AF_UNIX SocksPort code do the right thing is probably the better
parent 847e001d
......@@ -1041,6 +1041,10 @@ tor_addr_copy_tight(tor_addr_t *dest, const tor_addr_t *src)
* Different address families (IPv4 vs IPv6) are always considered unequal if
* <b>how</b> is CMP_EXACT; otherwise, IPv6-mapped IPv4 addresses are
* considered equivalent to their IPv4 equivalents.
* As a special case, all AF_UNIX addresses are always considered equal
* since tor_addr_t currently does not contain the information required to
* make the comparison.
tor_addr_compare(const tor_addr_t *addr1, const tor_addr_t *addr2,
......@@ -1114,6 +1118,18 @@ tor_addr_compare_masked(const tor_addr_t *addr1, const tor_addr_t *addr2,
return 0;
case AF_UNIX:
* tor_addr_t doesn't contain a copy of sun_path, so it's not
* possible to comapre this at all.
* Since the only time we currently actually should be comparing
* 2 AF_UNIX addresses is when dealing with ISO_CLIENTADDR (which
* is diesabled for AF_UNIX SocksPorts anyway), this just returns 0.
* See: #20261.
return 0;
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