Commit 80ad1592 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson
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Remove extraneous argument from Rust protover_compute_vote()

This argument was added to match an older idea for the C api, but we
decided not to do it that way in C.

Fixes bug 27741; bugfix on / TROVE-2018-005 fix.
parent a546e076
o Minor bugfixes (rust, directory authority):
- Fix an API mismatch in the rust implementation of
protover_compute_vote(). This bug could have caused crashes on any
directory authorities running Tor with Rust (which we do not yet
recommend). Fixes bug 27741; bugfix on
......@@ -207,8 +207,7 @@ pub extern "C" fn protover_get_supported_protocols() -> *const c_char {
pub extern "C" fn protover_compute_vote(
list: *const Stringlist,
threshold: c_int,
allow_long_proto_names: bool,
threshold: c_int
) -> *mut c_char {
if list.is_null() {
......@@ -223,13 +222,9 @@ pub extern "C" fn protover_compute_vote(
let mut proto_entries: Vec<UnvalidatedProtoEntry> = Vec::new();
for datum in data {
let entry: UnvalidatedProtoEntry = match allow_long_proto_names {
true => match UnvalidatedProtoEntry::from_str_any_len(datum.as_str()) {
Ok(n) => n,
Err(_) => continue},
false => match datum.parse() {
Ok(n) => n,
Err(_) => continue},
let entry: UnvalidatedProtoEntry = match datum.parse() {
Ok(n) => n,
Err(_) => continue
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