Commit 8697205b authored by Alexander Færøy's avatar Alexander Færøy 🍍
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Merge branch 'tor-github/pr/1909' into maint-0.3.5

parents 8444fbe9 39f2411b
o Minor bugfixes (client performance):
- Resume being willing to use preemptively-built circuits when
UseEntryGuards is set to 0. We accidentally disabled this feature
with that config setting, leading to slower load times. Fixes bug
34303; bugfix on
......@@ -1883,7 +1883,7 @@ circuit_find_to_cannibalize(uint8_t purpose_to_produce, extend_info_t *info,
/* Ignore any circuits for which we can't use the Guard. It is possible
* that the Guard was removed from the samepled set after the circuit
* that the Guard was removed from the sampled set after the circuit
* was created so avoid using it. */
if (!entry_guard_could_succeed(circ->guard_state)) {
goto next;
......@@ -3452,10 +3452,16 @@ entry_guards_update_state(or_state_t *state)
entry_guards_dirty = 0;
/** Return true iff the circuit's guard can succeed that is can be used. */
/** Return true iff the circuit's guard can succeed, that is, can be used. */
entry_guard_could_succeed(const circuit_guard_state_t *guard_state)
if (get_options()->UseEntryGuards == 0) {
/* we're fine with this circuit's first hop, because we're not
* configured to use entry guards. */
return 1;
if (!guard_state) {
return 0;
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