Commit 8b0d9452 authored by Jacob Appelbaum's avatar Jacob Appelbaum Committed by Roger Dingledine
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Fix tor-fw-helper-natpmp.c API usage

libnatpmp-20110618 changed the API that tor-fw-helper used and for a time
tor-fw-helper could not build against the newest libnatpmp. This patch brings
support for libnatpmp to tor-fw-helper.
parent 8653f31d
o Minor bugfixes:
- Update tor-fw-helper to support libnatpmp-20110618; fixes 3434.
......@@ -545,7 +545,7 @@ if test "$natpmp" = "true"; then
[ int r;
natpmp_t natpmp;
natpmpresp_t response;
r = initnatpmp(&natpmp);],
r = initnatpmp(&natpmp, 0, 0);],
[printf("initnatpmp() returned %d (%s)\n", r, r?"FAILED":"SUCCESS");
......@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@ tor_natpmp_init(tor_fw_options_t *tor_fw_options, void *backend_state)
if (tor_fw_options->verbose)
fprintf(stdout, "V: natpmp init...\n");
r = initnatpmp(&(state->natpmp));
r = initnatpmp(&(state->natpmp), 0, 0);
if (r == 0) {
state->init = 1;
fprintf(stdout, "tor-fw-helper: natpmp initialized...\n");
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