Commit 8c4e6843 authored by Bernhard M. Wiedemann's avatar Bernhard M. Wiedemann
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Do not warn about compatible OpenSSL upgrades

When releasing OpenSSL patch-level maintenance updates,
we do not want to rebuild binaries using it.
And since they guarantee ABI stability, we do not have to.

Without this patch, warning messages were produced
that confused users:

Fixes bug 30190; bugfix on commit 7607ad2b

Signed-off-by: default avatarBernhard M. Wiedemann <>
parent 9f3f9993
o Minor bugfixes (lib):
do not log a warning for OpenSSL versions that should be compatible
Fixes bug 30190; bugfix on
......@@ -213,6 +213,14 @@ crypto_openssl_early_init(void)
!strcmp(version_str, OPENSSL_VERSION_TEXT)) {
log_info(LD_CRYPTO, "OpenSSL version matches version from headers "
"(%lx: %s).", version_num, version_str);
} else if ((version_num & 0xffff0000) ==
(OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER & 0xffff0000)) {
"We compiled with OpenSSL %lx: %s and we "
"are running with OpenSSL %lx: %s. "
"These two versions should be binary compatible.",
version_num, version_str);
} else {
log_warn(LD_CRYPTO, "OpenSSL version from headers does not match the "
"version we're running with. If you get weird crashes, that "
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