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In relay_digest_matches(), use stack instead of heap.

We'd been using crypto_digest_dup() and crypto_digest_assign() here,
but they aren't necessary.  Instead we can just use the stack to
store the previous state of the SHA_CTX and avoid a malloc/free pair.

Closes ticket 24914.
parent 7a74b366
o Minor features (performance):
- Avoid a needless call to malloc() when processing an incoming
relay cell. Closes ticket 24914.
......@@ -834,6 +834,10 @@ AC_CHECK_MEMBERS([SSL.state], , ,
[#include <openssl/ssl.h>
#include <openssl/sha.h>
dnl Define the set of checks for KIST scheduler support.
dnl KIST needs struct tcp_info and for certain members to exist.
......@@ -1822,6 +1822,7 @@ crypto_digest_alloc_bytes(digest_algorithm_t alg)
/* Gives the length of crypto_digest_t through the end of the field 'd' */
#define END_OF_FIELD(f) (offsetof(crypto_digest_t, f) + \
STRUCT_FIELD_SIZE(crypto_digest_t, f))
switch (alg) {
return END_OF_FIELD(d.sha1);
......@@ -2007,6 +2008,33 @@ crypto_digest_dup(const crypto_digest_t *digest)
return tor_memdup(digest, alloc_bytes);
/** Temporarily save the state of <b>digest</b> in <b>checkpoint</b>.
* Asserts that <b>digest</b> is a SHA1 digest object.
crypto_digest_checkpoint(crypto_digest_checkpoint_t *checkpoint,
const crypto_digest_t *digest)
tor_assert(digest->algorithm == DIGEST_SHA1);
/* The optimizer should turn this into a constant... */
const size_t bytes = crypto_digest_alloc_bytes(DIGEST_SHA1);
/* ... and remove this assertion entirely. */
tor_assert(bytes <= sizeof(checkpoint->mem));
memcpy(checkpoint->mem, digest, bytes);
/** Restore the state of <b>digest</b> from <b>checkpoint</b>.
* Asserts that <b>digest</b> is a SHA1 digest object. Requires that the
* state was previously stored with crypto_digest_checkpoint() */
crypto_digest_restore(crypto_digest_t *digest,
const crypto_digest_checkpoint_t *checkpoint)
tor_assert(digest->algorithm == DIGEST_SHA1);
const size_t bytes = crypto_digest_alloc_bytes(DIGEST_SHA1);
memcpy(digest, checkpoint->mem, bytes);
/** Replace the state of the digest object <b>into</b> with the state
* of the digest object <b>from</b>. Requires that 'into' and 'from'
* have the same digest type.
......@@ -98,6 +98,13 @@ typedef struct crypto_digest_t crypto_digest_t;
typedef struct crypto_xof_t crypto_xof_t;
typedef struct crypto_dh_t crypto_dh_t;
/** Structure used to temporarily save the a digest object. Only implemented
* for SHA1 digest for now. */
typedef struct crypto_digest_checkpoint_t {
} crypto_digest_checkpoint_t;
/* global state */
int crypto_early_init(void) ATTR_WUR;
int crypto_global_init(int hardwareAccel,
......@@ -235,6 +242,10 @@ void crypto_digest_add_bytes(crypto_digest_t *digest, const char *data,
void crypto_digest_get_digest(crypto_digest_t *digest,
char *out, size_t out_len);
crypto_digest_t *crypto_digest_dup(const crypto_digest_t *digest);
void crypto_digest_checkpoint(crypto_digest_checkpoint_t *checkpoint,
const crypto_digest_t *digest);
void crypto_digest_restore(crypto_digest_t *digest,
const crypto_digest_checkpoint_t *checkpoint);
void crypto_digest_assign(crypto_digest_t *into,
const crypto_digest_t *from);
void crypto_hmac_sha256(char *hmac_out,
......@@ -151,9 +151,9 @@ relay_digest_matches(crypto_digest_t *digest, cell_t *cell)
uint32_t received_integrity, calculated_integrity;
relay_header_t rh;
crypto_digest_t *backup_digest=NULL;
crypto_digest_checkpoint_t backup_digest;
backup_digest = crypto_digest_dup(digest);
crypto_digest_checkpoint(&backup_digest, digest);
relay_header_unpack(&rh, cell->payload);
memcpy(&received_integrity, rh.integrity, 4);
......@@ -167,19 +167,21 @@ relay_digest_matches(crypto_digest_t *digest, cell_t *cell)
crypto_digest_add_bytes(digest, (char*) cell->payload, CELL_PAYLOAD_SIZE);
crypto_digest_get_digest(digest, (char*) &calculated_integrity, 4);
int rv = 1;
if (calculated_integrity != received_integrity) {
// log_fn(LOG_INFO,"Recognized=0 but bad digest. Not recognizing.");
// (%d vs %d).", received_integrity, calculated_integrity);
/* restore digest to its old form */
crypto_digest_assign(digest, backup_digest);
crypto_digest_restore(digest, &backup_digest);
/* restore the relay header */
memcpy(rh.integrity, &received_integrity, 4);
relay_header_pack(cell->payload, &rh);
return 0;
rv = 0;
return 1;
memwipe(&backup_digest, 0, sizeof(backup_digest));
return rv;
/** Apply <b>cipher</b> to CELL_PAYLOAD_SIZE bytes of <b>in</b>
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