Commit 96fab4aa authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 👁
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Improve clarity, safety, and rate of dns spoofing log msg

Closes ticket 3056.
parent 511c9006
o Minor features (exit relay, DNS):
- Improve the clarity and safety of the log message from evdns when
receiving an apparent spoofed DNS reply. Closes ticket 3056.
......@@ -182,6 +182,18 @@ evdns_log_cb(int warn, const char *msg)
} else if (!strcmp(msg, "All nameservers have failed")) {
control_event_server_status(LOG_WARN, "NAMESERVER_ALL_DOWN");
all_down = 1;
} else if (!strcmpstart(msg, "Address mismatch on received DNS")) {
static ratelim_t mismatch_limit = RATELIM_INIT(3600);
const char *src = strstr(msg, " Apparent source");
if (!src || get_options()->SafeLogging) {
src = "";
log_fn_ratelim(&mismatch_limit, severity, LD_EXIT,
"eventdns: Received a DNS packet from "
"an IP address to which we did not send a request. This "
"could be a DNS spoofing attempt, or some kind of "
"misconfiguration.%s", src);
tor_log(severity, LD_EXIT, "eventdns: %s", msg);
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