Commit 9ca2394d authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet 🤘
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channel: Fix use after free in channel_do_open_actions()

Fortunately, our tor_free() is setting the variable to NULL after so we were
in a situation where NULL was always used instead of the transport name.

This first appeared in 894ff2dc

 and results in
basically no bridge with a transport being able to use DoS defenses.

Fixes #40345
Signed-off-by: David Goulet's avatarDavid Goulet <>
parent 94fb308c
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o Minor bugfixes (channel, DoS):
- Fix a possible non fatal assertion BUG() due to a too early free of a
string when noting down the client connection for the DoS defenses
subsystem. Fixes bug 40345; bugfix on
......@@ -1887,11 +1887,11 @@ channel_do_open_actions(channel_t *chan)
&remote_addr, transport_name,
/* Notify the DoS subsystem of a new client. */
if (tlschan && tlschan->conn) {
dos_new_client_conn(tlschan->conn, transport_name);
/* Otherwise the underlying transport can't tell us this, so skip it */
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