Commit 9d9e7182 authored by rl1987's avatar rl1987 Committed by Nick Mathewson
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Rework rep_hist_log_link_protocol_counts()

parent efd765a9
o Minor bugfixes (logging):
- Rework rep_hist_log_link_protocol_counts() to iterate through all link
protocol versions when logging incoming/outgoing connection counts. Tor
no longer skips version 5 and we don't have to remember to update this
function when new link protocol version is developed. Fixes bug 28920;
bugfix on
......@@ -2874,24 +2874,23 @@ rep_hist_get_padding_count_lines(void)
"Since startup, we have initiated "
"%"PRIu64" v1 connections, "
"%"PRIu64" v2 connections, "
"%"PRIu64" v3 connections, and "
"%"PRIu64" v4 connections; and received "
"%"PRIu64" v1 connections, "
"%"PRIu64" v2 connections, "
"%"PRIu64" v3 connections, and "
"%"PRIu64" v4 connections.",
smartlist_t *lines = smartlist_new();
for (int i = 1; i <= MAX_LINK_PROTO; i++) {
char *line = NULL;
tor_asprintf(&line, "initiated %"PRIu64" and received "
"%"PRIu64" v%d connections", link_proto_count[i][1],
link_proto_count[i][0], i);
smartlist_add(lines, line);
char *log_line = smartlist_join_strings(lines, "; ", 0, NULL);
log_notice(LD_HEARTBEAT, "Since startup we %s.", log_line);
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(lines, char *, s, tor_free(s));
/** Free all storage held by the OR/link history caches, by the
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