Commit 9ed87b37 authored by Linus Nordberg's avatar Linus Nordberg Committed by Nick Mathewson
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Consider IPv6 OR ports when deciding whether a routerinfo change is cosmetic.

Closes #6423.
parent 97602c9d
o Minor features:
- Consider new, removed or changed IPv6 OR ports a non cosmetic
......@@ -5160,6 +5160,8 @@ router_differences_are_cosmetic(const routerinfo_t *r1, const routerinfo_t *r2)
if (strcasecmp(r1->address, r2->address) ||
strcasecmp(r1->nickname, r2->nickname) ||
r1->or_port != r2->or_port ||
!tor_addr_eq(&r1->ipv6_addr, &r2->ipv6_addr) ||
r1->ipv6_orport != r2->ipv6_orport ||
r1->dir_port != r2->dir_port ||
r1->purpose != r2->purpose ||
crypto_pk_cmp_keys(r1->onion_pkey, r2->onion_pkey) ||
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