Commit a77b1f9a authored by Andrew Lewman's avatar Andrew Lewman
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Updated spec files for inclusion.

parent 4e6ae9ee
......@@ -42,7 +42,7 @@ clean_localstatedir() {
perl -pe 's/^\n$/\r\n/mg; s/([^\r])\n$/\1\r\n/mg; s{\@LOCALSTATEDIR\@/(lib|log)/tor/}{C:\\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\\Tor\\}' $1 >$2
for fn in socks-extensions.txt dir-spec.txt tor-spec.txt rend-spec.txt control-spec.txt version-spec.txt; do
for fn in address-spec.txt control-spec.txt control-spec-v0.txt dir-spec.txt dir-spec-v1.txt path-spec.txt rend-spec.txt socks-extensions.txt tor-spec.txt version-spec.txt; do
clean_newlines doc/spec/$fn win_tmp/doc/spec/$fn
......@@ -58,8 +58,8 @@ done
clean_localstatedir src/config/ win_tmp/src/config/torrc.sample
cp contrib/tor-mingw.nsi win_tmp/contrib/
cp contrib/ win_tmp/contrib/
cd win_tmp
"C:\Program Files\NSIS\makensis.exe" contrib/tor-mingw.nsi
"C:\Program Files\NSIS\makensis.exe" contrib/
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