Commit b049b1b0 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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build testing circuits more rapidly. this has a failure mode

where if circuits fail quickly, we'll fail a lot of them very
quickly and not retry for a while. so be it.

parent 3b0355d3
...@@ -653,12 +653,12 @@ circuit_testing_opened(origin_circuit_t *circ) ...@@ -653,12 +653,12 @@ circuit_testing_opened(origin_circuit_t *circ)
static void static void
circuit_testing_failed(origin_circuit_t *circ, int at_last_hop) circuit_testing_failed(origin_circuit_t *circ, int at_last_hop)
{ {
if (server_mode(get_options()) && check_whether_orport_reachable())
log_info(LD_GENERAL, log_info(LD_GENERAL,
"Our testing circuit (to see if your ORPort is reachable) " "Our testing circuit (to see if your ORPort is reachable) "
"has failed. I'll try again later."); "has failed. Considering launching another one.");
if (!circuit_enough_testing_circs())
consider_testing_reachability(1, 0);
/* These aren't used yet. */ /* These aren't used yet. */
(void)circ; (void)circ;
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