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Document the purpose argument of circuit_find_to_cannibalize

parent b6f89a64
......@@ -866,18 +866,16 @@ circuit_get_intro_point(const char *digest)
* flags in <b>flags</b>, and if info is defined, does not already use info
* as any of its hops; or NULL if no circuit fits this description.
* The <b>purpose</b> argument (currently ignored) refers to the purpose of
* the circuit we want to create, not the purpose of the circuit we want to
* cannibalize.
* If !CIRCLAUNCH_NEED_UPTIME, prefer returning non-uptime circuits.
origin_circuit_t *
circuit_find_to_cannibalize(uint8_t purpose, extend_info_t *info,
int flags)
/* XXXX021 arma: The purpose argument is ignored. Can that possibly be
* right? */
/* XXXX <arma> i don't know of any actual bugs that this causes. since i
* think we only call the function for purposes where we want it to do what
* the function does. somebody should check this though. */
circuit_t *_circ;
origin_circuit_t *best=NULL;
int need_uptime = (flags & CIRCLAUNCH_NEED_UPTIME) != 0;
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