Commit b9d81282 authored by Peter Gerber's avatar Peter Gerber Committed by Peter Gerber
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Fix sandbox crash during reload of logging configuration

Allow calls to dup() which was introduced in commit a22fbab9.

From a security perspective, I don't think this should impact the
security of the sandbox significantly. As far as I can tell, there
is nothing an adversary can do with a duplicated FD that can't be
done with the original.
parent 72376378
o Minor bugfixes (linux seccomp sandbox):
- Fix crash when reloading logging configuration while the
experimental sandbox is enabled. Fixes bug 29150; bugfix
on Patch by Peter Gerber.
......@@ -143,6 +143,7 @@ static int filter_nopar_gen[] = {
#ifdef __NR_epoll_pwait
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