Commit ba2ee8ae authored by David Goulet's avatar David Goulet 🔆
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scripts: Add default include path to ccls generated file

Signed-off-by: David Goulet's avatarDavid Goulet <>
parent 62614f0b
......@@ -15,6 +15,17 @@ CCLS_FILE=".ccls"
PRIVATE_DEFS=$(grep -r --include \*.h "_PRIVATE" | grep "#ifdef" | cut -d' ' -f2 | sort | uniq)
echo "clang" > "$CCLS_FILE"
# Add these include so the ccls server can properly check new files that are
# not in the compile_commands.json yet
echo "-I."
echo "-I./src"
echo "-I./src/ext"
echo "-I./src/ext/trunnel"
} >> "$CCLS_FILE"
# Add all defines (-D).
for p in $PRIVATE_DEFS; do
echo "-D$p" >> "$CCLS_FILE"
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