Commit bc4cefcd authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson
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r16471@catbus: nickm | 2007-11-06 15:50:42 -0500

 Detect whether any of the descriptors we want are in old_routers. Possibly useful in tracking down bug 543.

parent 47fd6f72
......@@ -60,6 +60,7 @@ Things we'd like to do in 0.2.0.x:
o After we send NETINFO, send CERT and LINK_AUTH if needed.
- Once we get a good LINK_AUTH, the connection is OPEN.
- Ban most cell types on a non-OPEN connection.
- Close connections on handshake failure.
o Make code work right wrt TLS context rotation.
- NETINFO fallout
- Don't extend a circuit over a noncanonical connection with
......@@ -3710,7 +3710,7 @@ update_consensus_router_descriptor_downloads(time_t now)
networkstatus_vote_t *consensus =
int n_delayed=0, n_have=0, n_would_reject=0, n_wouldnt_use=0,
n_inprogress=0, n_in_oldrouters=0;
if (!dirserver) {
if (rep_hist_circbuilding_dormant(now))
......@@ -3723,8 +3723,15 @@ update_consensus_router_descriptor_downloads(time_t now)
list_pending_descriptor_downloads(map, 0);
SMARTLIST_FOREACH(consensus->routerstatus_list, routerstatus_t *, rs,
if (router_get_by_descriptor_digest(rs->descriptor_digest)) {
signed_descriptor_t *sd;
if ((sd = router_get_by_descriptor_digest(rs->descriptor_digest))) {
routerinfo_t *ri;
if (!(ri = router_get_by_digest(rs->identity_digest)) ||
sd->signed_descriptor_digest, DIGEST_LEN)) {
continue; /* We have it already. */
if (!download_status_is_ready(&rs->dl_status, now,
......@@ -3748,10 +3755,11 @@ update_consensus_router_descriptor_downloads(time_t now)
"%d routers downloadable. %d delayed; %d present; %d would_reject; "
"%d routers downloadable. %d delayed; %d present "
"(%d of those in old_routers); %d would_reject; "
"%d wouldnt_use, %d in progress.",
smartlist_len(downloadable), n_delayed, n_have, n_would_reject,
n_wouldnt_use, n_inprogress);
smartlist_len(downloadable), n_delayed, n_have, n_in_oldrouters,
n_would_reject, n_wouldnt_use, n_inprogress);
launch_router_descriptor_downloads(downloadable, now);
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