Commit bf76d3a1 authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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forward-port the website hack. note that with svn, our build

system seems to build in-place, so the website/ and img/ directories
actually get created in my sandbox. poo.

parent 2bcb081c
......@@ -7,17 +7,17 @@ SUBDIRS = design-paper
DIST_SUBDIRS = design-paper
website: ../../website/docs/
website: ../../../cvs/website/docs/
rm -rf website
mkdir website
if test -d $(srcdir)/../../website ; then \
cd $(srcdir)/../../website && $(MAKE); \
if test -d $(srcdir)/../../../cvs/website ; then \
cd $(srcdir)/../../../cvs/website && $(MAKE); \
if test -d $(srcdir)/../../website ; then \
cp $(srcdir)/../../website/docs/tor-*.html.* \
$(srcdir)/../../website/stylesheet.css website; \
if test -d $(srcdir)/../../../cvs/website ; then \
cp $(srcdir)/../../../cvs/website/docs/tor-*.html.* \
$(srcdir)/../../../cvs/website/stylesheet.css website; \
img: ../../website/img/
img: ../../../cvs/website/img/
rm -rf img
mkdir img
# if test -d $(srcdir)/../../website/img; then \
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