Commit c50c98ba authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🎨
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Make changes in server_mode() affect workers; fix a crash.

Without this fix, changes from client to bridge don't trigger
transition_affects_workers(), so we would never have actually
initialized the cpuworkers.

Fixes bug 23693.  Bugfix on 3bcdb262, which
fixed bug 14901 in the general case, but not on the case where
public_server_mode() did not change.
parent 2c93be80
o Minor bugfixes (relay, crash):
- Avoid a crash when transitioning from client mode to bridge mode.
Previously, we would launch the worker threads whenever our "public
server" mode changed, but not when our "server" mode changed.
Fixes bug 23693; bugfix on
......@@ -4453,6 +4453,7 @@ options_transition_affects_workers(const or_options_t *old_options,
new_options->ServerDNSSearchDomains ||
old_options->SafeLogging_ != new_options->SafeLogging_ ||
old_options->ClientOnly != new_options->ClientOnly ||
server_mode(old_options) != server_mode(new_options) ||
public_server_mode(old_options) != public_server_mode(new_options) ||
!config_lines_eq(old_options->Logs, new_options->Logs) ||
old_options->LogMessageDomains != new_options->LogMessageDomains)
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