Commit c61cd577 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🏃
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Revert "Log bootstrap tag names"

This reverts commit 1b855af5.
parent d8f41c28
o Minor features (bootstrap):
- Add the bootstrap tag name to the log messages, so people
troubleshooting connection problems can look up a symbol instead
of a number. Closes ticket 28731.
......@@ -7153,7 +7153,7 @@ control_event_bootstrap_core(int loglevel, bootstrap_status_t status,
status = progress;
tor_log(loglevel, LD_CONTROL,
"Bootstrapped %d%% (%s): %s", status, tag, summary);
"Bootstrapped %d%%: %s", status, summary);
tor_snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf),
status, tag, summary);
......@@ -7309,9 +7309,9 @@ control_event_bootstrap_problem(const char *warn, const char *reason,
hostaddr = tor_strdup("?");
LD_CONTROL, "Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at %d%% (%s): %s. (%s; %s; "
LD_CONTROL, "Problem bootstrapping. Stuck at %d%%: %s. (%s; %s; "
"count %d; recommendation %s; host %s at %s)",
status, tag, summary, warn, reason,
status, summary, warn, reason,
bootstrap_problems, recommendation,
or_id, hostaddr);
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