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folding in nick's suggestion

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information into the hostname will be too long for a typical hostname,
we instead use a layer of indirection. We encode a hash of Bob's PK
(10 bytes is sufficient since we're not worrying about collisions),
and also the authentication token (empty for now). Thus at a bit more
than 6 bits encoded per character (assuming only alphanumeric and
hyphen), we transform the hostname "" into the hostname
"" (adding 13 characters plus the
[I thought we were going to do something more like "56fmjsda-ckd5.onion",
leaving off This would have the advantage of not confusing
users if the domain name part ('') doesn't match the key.
Also, having a separate onion 'virtual TLD' is kinda more in the spirit
of DNS as it stands. -NM]
and also the authentication token (empty for now). Location-hidden
services use the special top level domain called '.onion': thus
hostnames take the form x.y.onion where x is the hash of PK, and y
is the authentication cookie. If no cookie is required, the hostname
can simply be of the form x.onion. Assuming only case insensitive
alphanumeric and hyphen, we get a bit more than 6 bits encoded
per character, meaning the x part of the hostname will be about
13 characters.
Alice's onion proxy examines hostnames and recognizes when they're
destined for a hidden server. If so, it decodes the PK, looks it up in
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