Commit d807ca1b authored by Neel Chauhan's avatar Neel Chauhan
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Add and use dns_cache_total_allocation()

parent 5aaea38d
......@@ -2076,14 +2076,21 @@ dns_cache_entry_count(void)
return HT_SIZE(&cache_root);
/* Return the total size in bytes of the DNS cache. */
return sizeof(struct cached_resolve_t) * dns_cache_entry_count() +
/** Log memory information about our internal DNS cache at level 'severity'. */
dump_dns_mem_usage(int severity)
/* This should never be larger than INT_MAX. */
int hash_count = dns_cache_entry_count();
size_t hash_mem = sizeof(struct cached_resolve_t) * hash_count;
hash_mem += HT_MEM_USAGE(&cache_root);
size_t hash_mem = dns_cache_total_allocation();
/* Print out the count and estimated size of our &cache_root. It undercounts
hostnames in cached reverse resolves.
......@@ -38,6 +38,7 @@ void dns_launch_correctness_checks(void);
int dns_seems_to_be_broken(void);
int dns_seems_to_be_broken_for_ipv6(void);
void dns_reset_correctness_checks(void);
size_t dns_cache_total_allocation(void);
void dump_dns_mem_usage(int severity);
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