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Try to clarify maint vs release issues on

I've tried to clarify what happens on "maint" vs what happens on
"release".  I'm not sure I've got it right wrt the patches generated
by the scripts, though, so please review carefully and second-guess
everything I'm saying here. :)
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......@@ -49,10 +49,14 @@ been merged upstream.
1. Download the generated patches from the `Patches` stage.
Apply these patches to the `main` or `release` branch as appropriate.
(Version bumps apply to `maint`; anything touching the changelog should
apply only to `main` or `release`.)
2. For the ChangeLog and ReleaseNotes, you need to write a blurb at the top
explaining a bit the release.
3. Review, modify if needed, and merged them upstream.
3. Review, modify if needed, and merge them upstream.
4. Manually trigger the `maintained` job in the `Build` stage so the CI can
build the tarballs without errors.
......@@ -100,9 +104,14 @@ Once all signatures from all selected developers have been committed:
Once the tarballs have been uploaded and are ready to be announced, we need to
do the following:
1. Tag versions (main and maint) using `git tag -s tor-0.x.y.z-<status>`
1. Tag versions (`main` branch or `release` branch as appropriate) using
`git tag -s tor-0.x.y.z-<status>`
and then push the tags: `git push origin --tags`
(This should be the `main` or `release` branch because that is the one
from which the tarballs are built. We want our tags to match our
2. Merge upstream the artifacts from the `patches` job in the
`Post-process` stage of the CI release pipeline.
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