Commit e20704e9 authored by Peter Palfrader's avatar Peter Palfrader
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r9759@danube: weasel | 2006-09-14 07:14:37 +0200

 Add smartlist_uniq() to TODO list

parent 2cf6cfe1
......@@ -283,6 +283,10 @@ Minor items for 0.1.2.x as time permits:
- stop writing identity key / fingerprint / etc every restart
- stop caching directory stuff -- and disable mmap?
- more?
- smartlist_uniq(): We have at least 3 places that check a smartlist for
duplicates and then removes them: networkstatus_parse_from_string(),
sort_version_list(), and router_rebuild_descriptor(). This should probably
get its own function that takes a comparator and a delete function.
Future version:
- Tor should have a "DNS port" so we don't need to ship with (and
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