Commit e6ac85a8 authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🏃
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Fix compilation warnings on 64-bit platforms

parent 0ce8901a
......@@ -479,16 +479,16 @@ test_util() {
smartlist_add(sl, (void*)2);
smartlist_add(sl, (void*)3);
smartlist_add(sl, (void*)4);
test_eq(2, (int)smartlist_del_keeporder(sl, 1));
test_eq((void*)2, smartlist_del_keeporder(sl, 1));
smartlist_insert(sl, 1, (void*)22);
smartlist_insert(sl, 0, (void*)0);
smartlist_insert(sl, 5, (void*)555);
test_eq(0, (int)smartlist_get(sl,0));
test_eq(1, (int)smartlist_get(sl,1));
test_eq(22, (int)smartlist_get(sl,2));
test_eq(3, (int)smartlist_get(sl,3));
test_eq(4, (int)smartlist_get(sl,4));
test_eq(555, (int)smartlist_get(sl,5));
test_eq((void*)0, smartlist_get(sl,0));
test_eq((void*)1, smartlist_get(sl,1));
test_eq((void*)22, smartlist_get(sl,2));
test_eq((void*)3, smartlist_get(sl,3));
test_eq((void*)4, smartlist_get(sl,4));
test_eq((void*)555, smartlist_get(sl,5));
/* XXXX test older functions. */
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