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o Major features (experimental, library support):
- When built with --enable-nss, Tor now uses the NSS library for digests,
AES, and pseudorandom numbers. Closes ticket 26815.
o Major features (experimental, library support):
- Tor now has _partial_ support for using the NSS cryptography library in
place of OpenSSL. When Tor is configured with --enable-nss, it will
use NSS for several (but not yet all) of its cryptography. (It still
relies on OpenSSL for the rest.) Eventually, if all goes as planned,
"--enable-nss" will produce a version of Tor that does not depend on
OpenSSL. Implements ticket 26816.
WARNING: This feature is experimental. Don't use it for real security
yet, until the code has had much more review, and more bugs have been
shaken out.
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