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conn: Remove assert on new listener connection when retrying

Opening a new listener connection can fail in many ways like a bind()
permission denied on a low port for instance.

And thus, we should expect to handle an error when creating a new one instead
of assert() on it.

To hit the removed assert:

  ORPort 80
  KeepBindCapabilities 0

Start tor. Then edit torrc:

  ORPort <some-IP>:80

HUP tor and the assert is hit.

Fixes #40073
Signed-off-by: David Goulet's avatarDavid Goulet <>
parent 72484a49
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o Minor bugfixes (relay configuration, crash):
- Avoid a fatal assert() when failing to create a listener connection for an
address that was in use. Fixes bug 40073; bugfix on
......@@ -2923,7 +2923,14 @@ retry_all_listeners(smartlist_t *new_conns, int close_all_noncontrol)
&skip, &addr_in_use);
/* There are many reasons why we can't open a new listener port so in case
* we hit those, bail early so tor can stop. */
if (!new_conn) {
log_warn(LD_NET, "Unable to create listener port: %s:%d",
fmt_addr(&r->new_port->addr), r->new_port->port);
retval = -1;
smartlist_add(new_conns, new_conn);
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