Commit f36c613d authored by Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine
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fix a memory leak when we ask for "all" networkstatuses and

we get one we don't recognize.
backport candidate.
backbackport candidate.

parent 6a61f746
......@@ -2517,9 +2517,9 @@ router_set_networkstatus(const char *s, time_t arrived_at,
if (smartlist_string_isin(requested_fingerprints, fp)) {
smartlist_string_remove(requested_fingerprints, fp);
} else {
char *requested =
smartlist_join_strings(requested_fingerprints," ",0,NULL);
if (source != NS_FROM_DIR_ALL) {
char *requested =
smartlist_join_strings(requested_fingerprints," ",0,NULL);
"We received a network status with a fingerprint (%s) that we "
"never requested. (We asked for: %s.) Dropping.",
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