Commit fae7f96e authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 👁
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Explain PIE/PIC rationale for 23846.

parent eaf7d168
......@@ -1164,8 +1164,12 @@ m4_ifdef([AS_VAR_IF],[
TOR_CHECK_CFLAGS(--param ssp-buffer-size=1)
if test "$bwin32" = "false" && test "$enable_libfuzzer" != "yes" && test "$enable_oss_fuzz" != "yes"; then
if test "$enable_pic" != "yes"; then
# If we have already enabled -fPIC, then we don't also need to
# compile with -fPIE...
# ... but we want to link our executables with -pie in any case, since
# they're executables, not a library.
TOR_CHECK_LDFLAGS(-pie, "$all_ldflags_for_check", "$all_libs_for_check")
TOR_TRY_COMPILE_WITH_CFLAGS(-fwrapv, also_link, CFLAGS_FWRAPV="-fwrapv", true)
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