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rust: abort on panic in all profiles

Until is fixed,
unwinding on panic is potentially unsound in a mixed C/Rust codebase.

The codebase is supposed to be panic-free already, but just to be safe.

This started mattering at commit d1820c15.

Fixes #27199; bugfix on tor-
parent 87aacbfb
o Minor bugfixes (rust):
- Abort on panic in all build profiles, instead of potentially unwinding
into C code. Fixes bug 27199; bugfix on
[workspace] [workspace]
members = ["tor_util", "protover", "smartlist", "external", "tor_allocate", "tor_rust"] members = ["tor_util", "protover", "smartlist", "external", "tor_allocate", "tor_rust"]
# Can remove panic="abort" when this issue is fixed:
panic = "abort"
[profile.release] [profile.release]
debug = true debug = true
panic = "abort" panic = "abort"
panic = "abort"
panic = "abort"
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