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      Don't consider a port "handled" by an isolated circuit. · 2bd91dbd
      Arthur Edelstein authored
      Previously, circuit_stream_is_being_handled incorrectly reported
      that (1) an exit port was "handled" by a circuit regardless of
      whether the circuit was already isolated in some way, and
      (2) that a stream could be "handled" by a circuit even if their
      isolation settings were incompatible.
      As a result of (1), in Tor Browser, circuit_get_unhandled_ports was
      reporting that all ports were handled even though all non-internal
      circuits had already been isolated by a SOCKS username+password.
      Therefore, circuit_predict_and_launch_new was declining to launch
      new exit circuits. Then, when the user visited a new site in Tor
      Browser, a stream with new SOCKS credentials would be initiated,
      and the stream would have to wait while a new circuit with those
      credentials could be built. That wait was making the
      time-to-first-byte longer than it needed to be.
      Now, clean, not-yet-isolated circuit(s) will be automatically
      launched ahead of time and be ready for use whenever a new stream
      with new SOCKS credentials (or other isolation criteria) is
      Fixes bug 18859. Thanks to Nick Mathewson for improvements.
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