1. 17 Aug, 2012 9 commits
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  3. 15 Aug, 2012 3 commits
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      Fix warnings and 64-bit problems in openbsd-malloc code · 6a33c33a
      Nick Mathewson authored
      The warning fixes are:
        - Only define issetugid if it's missing.
        - Explicitly ignore the return value of writev.
        - Explicitly cast the retval of readlink() to int.
      The 64-bit problems are related to just storing a size_t in an int. Not cool!  Use a size_t instead.
      Fix for bug 6379. Bugfix on, which introduced openbsd-malloc.
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      Fix wildcarded address mappings from the control port · 2ba52f40
      Nick Mathewson authored
      Apparently, we weren't actually detecting wildcardedness when parsing
      them: whoops!
      bug 6244.  Bugfix on
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      Raise the part of torrc mapaddress handling that knows wildcards · 959f8500
      Nick Mathewson authored
      This patch extracts the inner part of config_register_addressmaps --
      the part that knows about detecting wildcard addresses addresses --
      and makes it into a new function.  The new function is deliberately
      not moved or reindented, so that the diff is smaller.
      I need this to fix bug 6244.
  4. 09 Aug, 2012 4 commits
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      Fix spaces from last patch · e1fb3b8d
      Nick Mathewson authored
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      Don't infer we have a FooPort from the presence of a FooPort line · dfe03d36
      Nick Mathewson authored
      Thanks to the changes we started making with SocksPort and friends
      in, any of our code that did "if (options->Sockport)"
      became wrong, since "SocksPort 0" would make that test true whereas
      using the default SocksPort value would make it false.  (We didn't
      actually do "if (options->SockPort)" but we did have tests for
      TransPort.  When we moved DirPort, ORPort, and ControlPort over to
      the same system in, the problem got worse, since our
      code is littered with checks for DirPort and ORPort as booleans.
      This code renames the current linelist-based FooPort options to
      FooPort_lines, and adds new FooPort_set options which get set at
      parse-and-validate time on the or_options_t.  FooPort_set is true
      iff we will actually try to open a listener of the given type. (I
      renamed the FooPort options rather than leave them alone so that
      every previous user of a FooPort would need to get inspected, and so
      that any new code that forgetfully uses FooPort will need fail to
      Fix for bug 6507.
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