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      mainloop: Reactivate the linked connection event with a non empty list · 2420e84b
      David Goulet authored
      Linked connections aren't woken up by libevent due to I/O but rather
      artificially so we can, by chunks, empty the spooled object(s).
      Commit 5719dfb4 (in made it
      that the schedule_active_linked_connections_event would be only called once at
      startup but this is wrong because then we would never go through again the
      active linked connections.
      Fortunately, everytime a new linked connection is created, the event is
      activated and thus we would go through the active list again. On a busy relay,
      this issue is mitigated by that but on a slower relays or bridge, a connection
      could get stuck for a while until a new directory information request would
      show up.
      Fixes #28717, #28912
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      Try @warning_flags to avoid bloating verbose make logs · 97c9ced7
      Nick Mathewson authored
      We now accumulate warning flags in a separate variable,
      "TOR_WARNING_FLAGS", and write it to a "warning_flags" file.  Then
      we test whether the compiler will accept "@warning_flags": if so, we
      put "@warning_flags" in the CFLAGS; if not, we copy the contents of
      "$TOR_WARNING_FLAGS" into the CFLAGS.
      Closes ticket 28924.
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