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      Resume expanding abbreviations for command-line options · 37a76d75
      Roger Dingledine authored and Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson committed
      The fix for bug 4647 accidentally removed our hack from bug 586 that
      rewrote HashedControlPassword to __HashedControlSessionPassword when
      it appears on the commandline (which allowed the user to set her own
      HashedControlPassword in the torrc file while the controller generates
      a fresh session password for each run).
      Fixes bug 12948; bugfix on
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      Avoid illegal read off end of an array in prune_v2_cipher_list · 1b551823
      Nick Mathewson authored and Roger Dingledine's avatar Roger Dingledine committed
      This function is supposed to construct a list of all the ciphers in
      the "v2 link protocol cipher list" that are supported by Tor's
      openssl.  It does this by invoking ssl23_get_cipher_by_char on each
      two-byte ciphersuite ID to see which ones give a match.  But when
      ssl23_get_cipher_by_char cannot find a match for a two-byte SSL3/TLS
      ciphersuite ID, it checks to see whether it has a match for a
      three-byte SSL2 ciphersuite ID.  This was causing a read off the end
      of the 'cipherid' array.
      This was probably harmless in practice, but we shouldn't be having
      any uninitialized reads.
      (Using ssl23_get_cipher_by_char in this way is a kludge, but then
      again the entire existence of the v2 link protocol is kind of a
      kludge.  Once Tor 0.2.2 clients are all gone, we can drop this code
      Found by starlight. Fix on Fixes bug 12227.