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      Bug 7802 changes file. · 38c7195a
      Mike Perry authored
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      Remove a source of error during path bias scaling · d80b881a
      Mike Perry authored
      If any circuits were opened during a scaling event, we were scaling attempts
      and successes by different amounts. This leads to rounding error.
      The fix is to record how many circuits are in a state that hasn't been fully
      counted yet, and subtract that before scaling, and add it back afterwords.
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      Don't immediately count cannibalized circs as used. · a2db17a1
      Mike Perry authored
      Since they use RELAY_EARLY (which can be seen by all hops on the path),
      it's not safe to say they actually count as a successful use.
      There are also problems with trying to allow them to finish extending due to
      the circuit purpose state machine logic. It is way less complicated (and
      possibly more semantically coherent) to simply wait until we actually try to
      do something with them before claiming we 'used' them.
      Also, we shouldn't call timed out circuits 'used' either, for semantic
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      Roll back the path_state for circs if we detatch a stream. · 24b9b9f7
      Mike Perry authored
      An adversary could let the first stream request succeed (ie the resolve), but
      then tag and timeout the remainder (via cell dropping), forcing them on new
      Rolling back the state will cause us to probe such circuits, which should lead
      to probe failures in the event of such tagging due to either unrecognized
      cells coming in while we wait for the probe, or the cipher state getting out
      of sync in the case of dropped cells.
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      Implement Path use bias accounting. · e13e3022
      Mike Perry authored
      Path use bias measures how often we can actually succeed using the circuits we
      actually try to use. It is a subset of path bias accounting, but it is
      computed as a separate statistic because the rate of client circuit use may
      vary depending on use case.
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