1. 22 Oct, 2019 11 commits
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    • Nick Mathewson's avatar
      Fix a crash bug in max_u16_in_sl() · 2b825a1a
      Nick Mathewson authored
      The documentation for this function says that the smartlist can
      contain NULLs, but the code only handled NULLs if they were at the
      start of the list.
      We didn't notice this for a long time, because when Tor is run
      normally, the sequence of msg_id_t is densely packed, and so this
      list (mapping msg_id_t to channel_id_t) contains no NULL elements.
      We could only run into this bug:
        * when Tor was running in embedded mode, and starting more than once.
        * when Tor ran first with more pubsub messages enabled, and then
          later with fewer.
        * When the second run (the one with fewer enabled pubsub messages)
          had at least some messages enabled, and those messages were not
          the ones with numerically highest msg_id_t values.
      Fixes bug 31898; bugfix on 47de9c7b
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      Add a test for max_u16_in_sl(). · 34bbdaf5
      Nick Mathewson authored
      This test does not currently pass, because of bug 31898.
    • Nick Mathewson's avatar
      Rename max_in_sl to max_in_u16_sl, and expose it as STATIC. · f17591b8
      Nick Mathewson authored
      Since we want to make this function slightly more visible for testing
      purposes, it needs a better name.
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      Merge branch 'bug31859_040' into bug31859_041 · e5dda7f6
      teor authored
      Merge TOR_TEST_RNG_SEED in maint-0.4.1 into the coverage line
      from bug31859_040.
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      Merge branch 'bug31859_035' into bug31859_040 · 07db4141
      teor authored
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      Travis: Keep the macOS Rust job, but don't wait for it to finish · 632e7073
      teor authored
      Since Rust on macOS is slow, don't wait for the macOS Rust job to finish.
      Instead, split rust into slow rust (macOS) and fast rust (Linux). And
      allow the build to finish before slow rust finishes.
      Also make sure that we have:
      * a Rust build on each platform,
      * a Rust build with each compiler, and
      * a check on all our Rust builds.
      Finally, sort builds: allow fail last, macOS first, slowest first.
      Closes 31859 for 0.3.5.
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      Travis: Split jobs, add essential jobs, remove redundant jobs · 4482d6fd
      teor authored
      Part of 31859 for 0.3.5.
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      Merge branch 'bug31859_029' into bug31859_035 · f368f5bc
      teor authored
      While merging:
      * leave out some redundant jobs and build matrix entries
  7. 30 Sep, 2019 3 commits
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      Travis: Add a macOS chutney job, but don't wait for it to finish · 1e0e23c1
      teor authored
      Since Travis macOS has IPv6 support (and Travis Linux does not), chutney
      will now run its IPv6 networks as part of Travis CI.
      But since chutney is slow, don't wait for the macOS chutney to finish.
      (Travis have fixed the duplicate notification bug in fast_finish. So we
      can use fast_finish and allow_failure to finish early. Unfortunately,
      allow_failure also means we ignore failures in macOS chutney.)
      Also make sure that we have:
      * a compile on each platform, with each compiler,
      * a check on each platform, and
      * a check on each compiler.
      Finally, sort builds: allow fail last, macOS first, slowest first.
      Closes ticket 30860.
      Closes ticket 31859 for 0.2.9.
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      Travis: Remove a redundant clang Linux job · 4e429783
      teor authored
      Part of 31859.
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      Appveyor: Avoid spurious errors in Appveyor CI builds · b1864187
      teor authored
      When Appveyor fails before the install step, some of the finish step's
      functions were not defined.
      Fixes bug 31884; bugfix on
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