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      Travis: Add a macOS chutney job, but don't wait for it to finish · 1e0e23c1
      teor authored
      Since Travis macOS has IPv6 support (and Travis Linux does not), chutney
      will now run its IPv6 networks as part of Travis CI.
      But since chutney is slow, don't wait for the macOS chutney to finish.
      (Travis have fixed the duplicate notification bug in fast_finish. So we
      can use fast_finish and allow_failure to finish early. Unfortunately,
      allow_failure also means we ignore failures in macOS chutney.)
      Also make sure that we have:
      * a compile on each platform, with each compiler,
      * a check on each platform, and
      * a check on each compiler.
      Finally, sort builds: allow fail last, macOS first, slowest first.
      Closes ticket 30860.
      Closes ticket 31859 for 0.2.9.
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      Travis: Remove a redundant clang Linux job · 4e429783
      teor authored
      Part of 31859.
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      pf: when extracting an IPv6 address, make sure we got an IPv6 address · 97f7efa9
      Nick Mathewson authored
      Our code assumes that when we're configured to get IPv6 addresses
      out of a TRANS_PF transparent proxy connection, we actually will.
      But we didn't check that, and so FreeBSD started warning us about a
      potential NULL pointer dereference.
      Fixes part of bug 31687; bugfix on when this code was
    • Nick Mathewson's avatar
      fp.c: Suppress float-conversion warnings on FreeBSD. · 51475aee
      Nick Mathewson authored
      We used to do this on Windows only, but it appears to affect
      multiple platforms when building with certain versions of GCC, and a
      common pattern for defining the floating-point classifier functions.
      Fixes part of 31687. I'm calling this a bugfux on 31687, when we
      started suppressing these warnings on Windows.
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      dirauth: Change dizum IP address · 5a1c3e44
      David Goulet authored
      New IP address from to
      Signed request from Alex de Joode, operator of dizum:
      Published descriptor by dizum on August 12th, 2019:
      r dizum fqbq1v2DCDxTj0QDi7+gd1h911U GZmZtCLaPDQNxkhIFj8UcgTRAuA 2019-08-12 15:28:40 443 80
      s Authority Fast Running Stable V2Dir Valid
      v Tor
      pr Cons=1-2 Desc=1-2 DirCache=1-2 HSDir=1-2 HSIntro=3-4 HSRend=1-2 Link=1-5 LinkAuth=1,3 Microdesc=1-2 Relay=1-2 Padding=1
      w Bandwidth=20 Unmeasured=1
      p reject 1-65535
      Finally, confirmed by DNS:
        $ dig +short tor.dizum.com
      Closes #31406
      Signed-off-by: David Goulet's avatarDavid Goulet <dgoulet@torproject.org>
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