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    For #10173: login duplicates and save (#11208) · 023a4983
    Elise Richards authored
    * Extract controller into it's own class. Implement find dupes and filter based on username.
    Create edit login controller. Add text watchers and check for duplicates.
    Edit controller test
    * Find duplicates and save to store
    * Retrieve duplicates from AC and check list on username text changed
    Move duplicates logic into the controller
    * Add glean pings for delete and edit. Move logic for login manipulation into the datastore.
    * Use correct threads in controller. Enable save button when applicable.
    Save enabled in datastore.
    Move login data to datastore
    Rebase with password error states
    Update metrics to be more specific for edit
    * Create logins controller for AC calls
    * Interactor and controller methods for edit login. Add edit view to separate out some layout manipulation.
    Inflate view in edit fragment. Double layout showing up.
    Edit view
    Controller tests
    Controller tests passing
    Interactor tests
    Lint and detekt cleanup
    * Remove datastore and use storage controller for all logins calls to password storage.
    Addressed comments
    Rebase - 1