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    Bug 1613483 - Add all Browsertime tests with visual metrics to Fenix repo. (#9087) · a4577553
    Gregory Mierzwinski authored
    * Add visual-metrics docker type.
    * Add required browsertime toolchain fetches.
    * Add browsertime tests for technical and visual metrics.
    * Run browsertime tests in a cron task.
    * Run visual metrics on all browsertime tests.
    * Use spaces instead of tabs, and resolve visual-metric nits.
    * Enable browsertime on pull request for testing.
    * Restrict PR tests to amazon on browsertime.
    * First attempt using multi_dep.
    * Add a primary dependency to browsertime.
    * Try by not popping.
    * Debug prints.
    * Make one grouping per browsertime task.
    * Try without the multi_dep transform.
    * Delete dependent-tasks in visual-metrics transformer.
    * Update setuptools installed and copy run-on-tasks-for.
    * Use get when getting run-on-tasks-for.
    * Add new pinned requirements.
    * Try it.
    * Set run-on-tasks-for properly.
    * Remove print statement.
    * Remove single_dep loader, and print statements.
    * Remove run-on-tasks-for testing setting.
    * Restart testing, and set user to root in visual-metrics Docker.
    * Remove testing settings.
    * Remove fetch-content from Docker.
    * Change attributes grouping method.
    * Run all tests as a check.
    * Undo testing changes, and fix a bad test name.
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