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    Bug 1627027 - Use nightly Fenix variant. (#10265) · d48784e6
    Gregory Mierzwinski authored
    * Use nightly Fenix variant.
    * Run the tests in PR.
    * Update visual-metrics scripts to include the similarity metrics.
    * Use python3.5 in visual-metrics docker.
    * Install wget in the docker.
    * Use python3.6 hashes instead of python3.5.
    * Undo run-visual-metrics.py python changes.
    * Upgrade python setuptools version to 46.1.3.
    * Add setuptools to transitive dependency list.
    * Undo PR test changes.
    * Remove setuptools install line and use requirements.txt instead.
    * Undo PR test changes.
    * Fix geckodriver artifact suffix.
    * Test a browsertime task.
    * Revert browsertime test.
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