Commit 70755adf authored by ekager's avatar ekager Committed by Emily Kager
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For #10036 - Workaround for System Theme changes with config change

parent 1f8b7ff9
......@@ -378,4 +378,12 @@ open class FenixApplication : LocaleAwareApplication() {
// This method is not covered by our internal crash reporting: be very careful when modifying it.
StartupTimeline.onApplicationInit() // DO NOT MOVE ANYTHING ABOVE HERE: the timing is critical.
override fun onConfigurationChanged(config: android.content.res.Configuration) {
// Workaround for androidx appcompat issue where follow system day/night mode config changes
// are not triggered when also using createConfigurationContext like we do in LocaleManager
applicationContext.resources.configuration.uiMode = config.uiMode
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