Commit a097b135 authored by Mugurell's avatar Mugurell Committed by ekager
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For #16076 - Add new "share_image" telemetry event

parent dbdb68ac
......@@ -495,7 +495,8 @@ sealed class Event {
"mozac.feature.contextmenu.save_image" to "save_image",
"mozac.feature.contextmenu.share_link" to "share_link",
"mozac.feature.contextmenu.copy_link" to "copy_link",
"mozac.feature.contextmenu.copy_image_location" to "copy_image_location"
"mozac.feature.contextmenu.copy_image_location" to "copy_image_location",
"mozac.feature.contextmenu.share_image" to "share_image"
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