Commit c8e97546 authored by mcarare's avatar mcarare Committed by Emily Kager
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For #9506: Pre-land strings for open in app cfr message.

parent bd7a5375
......@@ -78,6 +78,14 @@
<!-- Text for the negative button -->
<string name="search_widget_cfr_neg_button_text">Not now</string>
<!-- Open in App "contextual feature recommendation" (CFR) -->
<!-- Text for the info message. 'Firefox' intentionally hardcoded here.-->
<string name="open_in_app_cfr_info_message">You can set Firefox to automatically open links in apps.</string>
<!-- Text for the positive action button -->
<string name="open_in_app_cfr_positive_button_text">Go to settings</string>
<!-- Text for the negative action button -->
<string name="open_in_app_cfr_negative_button_text">Dismiss</string>
<!-- Home screen icons - Long press shortcuts -->
<!-- Shortcut action to open new tab -->
<string name="home_screen_shortcut_open_new_tab_2">New tab</string>
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