Commit e25ee98d authored by Michael Comella's avatar Michael Comella Committed by Will Hawkins
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No issue: fix typo in Performance.instrumentColdStartup... (#7848)

parent cf63db20
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ object Performance {
fun instrumentColdStartupToHomescreenTime(activity: HomeActivity) {
// For greater accuracy, we could add an onDrawListener instead of a preDrawListener but:
// - single use onDrawListeners are not built-in and it's non-trivial to write one
// - the difference is timing is minimal (< 7ms on Pixel 2)
// - the difference in timing is minimal (< 7ms on Pixel 2)
// - if we compare against another app using a preDrawListener, it should be comparable
// Unfortunately, this is tightly coupled to the root view of HomeActivity's view hierarchy
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