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Bug 1628413 - part 2: Re-enable nightlies but don't ship them to Google Play anymore (#9906)

parent 45ad3e4c
......@@ -9,7 +9,17 @@ jobs:
type: decision-task
treeherder-symbol: Nd
target-tasks-method: nightly
when: [] # XXX Nightlies are temporarily disabled until Google Play catches up
- {hour: 6, minute: 0}
- {hour: 18, minute: 0}
# This is a temporary hook in order to not overload Google Play.
# See bug 1628413 for more context.
- name: nightly-on-google-play
type: decision-task
treeherder-symbol: Nd-gp
target-tasks-method: nightly-on-google-play
when: [] # Manual push only
- name: fennec-beta
type: decision-task
......@@ -30,6 +30,18 @@ def target_tasks_default(full_task_graph, parameters, graph_config):
def target_tasks_nightly(full_task_graph, parameters, graph_config):
"""Select the set of tasks required for a nightly build."""
def filter(task, parameters):
# We don't want to ship nightly while Google Play is still behind manual review.
# See bug 1628413 for more context.
return task.attributes.get("nightly", False) and task.kind != "push-apk"
return [l for l, t in full_task_graph.tasks.iteritems() if filter(t, parameters)]
def target_tasks_nightly_on_google_play(full_task_graph, parameters, graph_config):
"""Select the set of tasks required for a nightly build that goes on Google Play."""
def filter(task, parameters):
return task.attributes.get("nightly", False)
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