1. 08 Jun, 2020 3 commits
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      Simplify `PhoneFeature` code (#10810) · 1a19b062
      Tiger Oakes authored
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      for #7225, Changed strictMode thread penalty to dialog on startup and back to... · 74948cb3
      Sachin authored
      for #7225, Changed strictMode  thread penalty to dialog on startup and back to logs after startup is done. (#10831)
      for #7225, refactored and cleanup the branch.
      for #7225, change strict mode policy only on main process.
      for #7225, setting thread policy inside a seperate thread to keep it from getting overridden in activities.
      for #7225 removed Handler().postAtFrontOfQueue as a solution due to unknown side effects. moved the enableStrictMode function to be static so we can reuse it.
      for #7225 lint check
      for #7225 created strict mode manager and moved enabledStrictMode function inside it.
      for #7225 removed penalty death on network
      for #7225 added allow disk access on thread for already existing violation
      strict mode running in main process to see if it passes the gitlab check, will revert it if it doesnt
      allowed diskread for super.onCreate for home activity
      added comments for disk violation oncreate homeactivity
      added fragment manager inside strictmode manager
      allowed disk read for onboarding
      allowed disk read for cachedTopSites
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      Import l10n. · 04a436d3
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