1. 10 Dec, 2020 11 commits
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      fixup! Bug 40073: Use correct branding on About page · 1f88b57b
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
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      Bug 40123: Allow building the instrumented tests apks for variants other than debug · 473912ad
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      This allows to specify the variant of the instrumented tests via
      a `testBuildType` gradle argument. It also applies a workaround for
      a R8 issue from https://issuetracker.google.com/issues/140851070.
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      Bug 40098: Add EOY home screen · f7a6c4b4
      Matthew Finkel authored
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      Add Security Level UI · 16c449cc
      Matthew Finkel authored
      Bug 40026: Implement Security Level settings
      Bug 40026: Integrate Security Level settings
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      Modify Add-on support · 0d80f2fb
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Bug 40030: Install HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript addons on startup
      HTTPS Everywhere is installed as a builtin extension and NoScript as
      a regular AMO addon. To avoid unnecessary I/O we only install NoScript
      the first time, and rely on the browser addon updating mechanism for
      keeping up with new versions. This is the same behaviour that was
      implemented in the Fennec-based Tor Browser, where it was installed
      as a "distribution addon", which also only occurred once.
      Bug 40062: HTTPS Everywhere is not shown as installed
      Also 40070: Consider storing the list of recommended addons
      This implements our own AddonsProvider, which loads the list of
      available addons from assets instead of fetching it from an
      endpoint. In this list, we replace https-everywhere by
      our https-everywhere-eff, so that the EFF one is shown as installed
      in the addons list and the AMO one is not displayed.
      Also, we hide the uninstall button for builtin addons.
      Bug 40058: Hide option for disallowing addon in private mode
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      Modify UI/UX · 1bc1ada2
      Alex Catarineu authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Bug 40015: Modify Home menu
      Bug 40016: Hide unwanted Settings
      Bug 40016: Modify Default toolbar menu
      Bug 40016: Add Donate settings button
      Bug 40016: Move Allow Screenshots under Advanced
      Bug 40016: Don't install WebCompat webext
      Bug 40016: Don't onboard Search Suggestions
      Bug 40094: Do not use MasterPasswordTipProvider in HomeFragment
      Bug 40095: Hide "Sign in to sync" in bookmarks
      Bug 40031: Hide Mozilla-specific items on About page
      Bug 40032: Set usesCleartextTraffic as false
      Bug 40063: Do not sort search engines alphabetically
      Bug 34378: Port external helper app prompting
      With the corresponding android-components patch, this allows all `startActivity`
      that may open external apps to be replaced by `TorUtils.startActivityPrompt`.
      Bug 34403: Disable Normal mode by default
      Bug 40087: Implement a switch for english locale spoofing
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      Add Tor integration and UI · b6e4aa30
      Matthew Finkel authored
      Bug 40001: Start Tor as part of the Fenix initialization
      Bug 40028: Implement Tor Service controller
      Bug 40028: Integrate Tor Controller into HomeFragment
      Bug 40028: Implement Tor connect and logger screens
      Bug 40028: Implement Tor Onboarding
      Bug 40028: Implement new home screen
      Bug 40028: Define bootstrapping events and Quick Start
      Bug 40041: Implement Tor Network Settings
      Bug 40041: Integrate Tor Network Settings
    • Georg Koppen's avatar
      Modify build system · 7a91fd47
      Georg Koppen authored and Matthew Finkel's avatar Matthew Finkel committed
      Bug 40083: Make locale ordering in BuildConfig deterministic
      Bug 40042: Add option do overwrite timestamp in extension version
      Bug 40059: Use MOZ_BUILD_DATE for versionCode
      At the same time we adapt MOZ_BUILD_DATE to our needs where it is
      actually used and not in tor-browser-build. This gives us more
      flexibility. See: tor-browser-build#40084.
      Bug 40067: Fix reproducibility issue in classes2.dex
      We make sure our MOZ_BUILD_DATE gets used as a source for showing date
      related information on the Fenix about page.
      Bug 40071: Show only supported locales
      Bug 40064: Use Gecko Beta for Nightly and Debug variants
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      Disable features and functionality · 633b34c3
      Matthew Finkel authored
      Bug 33594: Disable data collection by default (Glean)
      Bug 40019: Adjust is disabled on Release when data collection is disabled
      Bug 34338: Disable the crash reporter
      Bug 40014: Neuter Google Advertising ID
      Bug 40018: Disable Push service
      Bug 40034: Disable PWA onboading
      Bug 40072: Disable Tracking Protection
      Bug 40061: Do not show "Send to device" in sharing menu
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      Rename as Tor Browser · 40957089
      Matthew Finkel authored
      Bug 40020: Change applicationId
      Bug 40020: Change app name
      Bug 40020: Change deeplink scheme
      Bug 40020: Change App icons
      Bug 40073: Use correct branding on About page
      Bug 40088: Use Tor Browser logo in migration screen
    • Matthew Finkel's avatar
      Bug 40002: Add GitLab CI · 00631db2
      Matthew Finkel authored
      Pin CI builds to runners with 32GB of RAM to avoid OOM conditions.
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