Commit 558aaf1c authored by Nick Mathewson's avatar Nick Mathewson 🏃 Committed by George Kadianakis
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Command-line arguments: be better at detecting absent optional args.

Previously, "--list-fingerprint --quiet" was an error.  Now, the
handler for optional arguments to "--list-fingerprint" can tell that
"--quiet" is a flag, not an argument.

This only affects flags that take an _optional_ argument, so you can
still put your torrc file in a location starting with "-".

Closes #40223.
parent b50fcdc2
o Minor features (command-line interface):
- When parsing command-line flags that take an optional argument,
treat the argument as absent if it would start with a '-' character.
Arguments in that form are not intelligible for any of our
optional-argument flags. Closes ticket 40223.
......@@ -2601,8 +2601,11 @@ config_parse_commandline(int argc, char **argv, int ignore_errors)
return NULL;
} else if (want_arg == ARGUMENT_OPTIONAL && is_last) {
} else if (want_arg == ARGUMENT_OPTIONAL &&
/* optional arguments may never start with '-'. */
(is_last || argv[i+1][0] == '-')) {
arg = tor_strdup("");
want_arg = ARGUMENT_NONE; // prevent skipping the next flag.
} else {
arg = (want_arg != ARGUMENT_NONE) ? tor_strdup(argv[i+1]) :
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