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Add v4.0.1 bug fix to NCMS

parent 1fbc368d
......@@ -147,6 +147,15 @@ collections:
widget: 'string'
hint: 'Default: 15:04 Jan 2. Hugo formatting docs: https://gohugo.io/functions/format/#hugo-date-and-time-templating-reference'
default: '15:04 Jan 2'
# Design site title color toggle in v4.0.1
- label: 'Site title text color'
hint: 'This is irrelevant, if you use a logo in your header. Docs: https://github.com/cstate/cstate/wiki/Customization#site-title-text-color-v401'
name: 'headerTextColor'
widget: 'select'
default: 'white'
- { label: "Black", value: "black" }
- { label: "White", value: "white" }
# Design toggles
- label: 'Use large header design'
name: 'useLargeHeaderDesign'
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